1. What is MATLAB® mode for Emacs?

MATLAB mode for Emacs consists of Emacs Lisp code that implements a major-mode for Emacs that assists in the editing of MATLAB scripts.

This allows Emacs to be used in place of the MATLAB Editor for editing your MATLAB source code, debugging MATLAB code, and syntax/semantic checking of your MATLAB code with mlint.

The MATLAB mode for Emacs does NOT include "EmacsLink", which was a tool that more tightly integrated MATLAB and Emacs for purposes of debugging M code.

2. Where can I find MATLAB mode for Emacs?

MATLAB mode for Emacs is available at SourceForge.

You can visit the Project Page or the homepage of the matlab-emacs project.

3. What is the best way to download MATLAB mode for Emacs?

MATLAB mode for Emacs is available from a CVS repository on SourceForge. There are two ways to download MATLAB mode for Emacs.

Use CVS to download a copy.

Use the conenient MATLAB script dl_emacs_support to download a copy.

4. What features does MATLAB mode for Emacs support?

The MATLAB/Emacs support files include the following features:

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